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  • 700+ HP

    Engine by Lingenfelter

  • HIGH

    Flow Carbon Fiber

    Performance Design Intake

    Manifold tuned by Lingenfelter

  • HIGH

    Flow Corsa Headers,
    Exhaust and Airbox tuned by Lingenfelter


    HRE Forged Aluminum Wheels

    Front 20 x 9 Rear 21 x 12


    Pilot Sport 4S Tires Front

    245/30ZR20 Rear 325/25ZR21


    Alcon Pro-System Brakes


    Peter Stevens Design


    ACME Trading Company

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Briggs Swift Cunningham was an American racing legend, sportsman, race team owner and Le Mans Mega-Star.   Credited with creating America’s first modern sports cars after World War II and was responsible for manufacturing some of racings most storied racecars – especially, the stunning 1952 Cunningham C4R & C4RK Le Mans racers and the Cunningham C3 grand touring sports car.   In 1958, Briggs won both the American Driving Championship, as well as, piloting the “Columbia” to win the prestigious America’s Cup sailing race that same year!

He dominated the American auto racing scene from 1950 to 1963 during which time, he also built one of the most competitive American auto racing teams in Le Mans History.   The American auto racing community has much to thank Briggs for. One of his most lasting legacies was the creation of the “Racing Stripe” which he introduced; two blue stripes painted down the center of his white Le Mans racecars. [to reflect the American Racing Colors of a White Body with Blue Frame Rails] The rest is history!

In 1960 Briggs was asked by Zora Arkus-Duntov if he thought the Corvette could be competitive at Le Mans, and so an amazing journey began with Corvette’s first appearance on the World racing stage.  Now known as the Cunningham Corvette’s – the three-car effort proved to the world that the Corvette was a true sports car. Car #3 finished 8th overall – winning its Class that year and enshrining it in Corvette Lore!

It is that marvelous effort that we celebrate today with the introduction of the first new Cunningham Corvette in 60 years!  Our new Cunningham C8 Corvette is a modern Supercar that starts life as a fully loaded 3LT package with Z51 suspension & brakes, 8-speed DCT transaxle (with Performance Ratio rear axle), lift kit, Dual Tops (Body Color and Clear), Entertainment system with HUD, GT2 sport seats with Twilight Blue seat backs & Tension Blue trim and seat belt color scheme.   

Then Lingenfelter tunes the LT2 motor to over 700+ (naturally aspirated) horsepower, with their specially tuned Performance Design Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold, tuned Corsa Performance Headers, Exhaust and High Flow Throttle Body,  Alcon Pro-System Street/Track Slotted Brakes (380mm front rotors with 6-pot calipers and 390mm rear rotors with 4-pot calipers), Lingenfelter tuned and lowered Suspension, Motorsport derived Aero designed by Peter Stevens Design (Engineered by Leap Racing and manufactured in Germany by DD Compound GmbH) that has up to 1,200lbs of downforce at 150mph, our innovative Dual Ram Air Intakes and Aero Fin Camera Mount were manufactured for us by Hewlett Packard and Impac Systems using their latest Additive Manufacturing Technology, our Pilot Sport 4S Tires 245/30ZR20 front & 325/25ZR21 rear are provided directly by Michelin and are mounted on bespoke forged aluminum HRE wheels that are modeled on the racing Halibrand Kidney Bean wheels used on the original 1960 Le Mans winning Cunningham Corvette’s.

Only 60 of these special MkII Anniversary Corvette’s will be produced, each will be numbered to Commemorate the 1960 Le Mans Winning Corvette #3, and each VIN will be entered into the Cunningham Registry.  Orders are being accepted now.

Limited to just 60 examples, only a few 60th Anniversary Cunningham C8s remain to be spoken for. 

Taking the already heightened performance of the mid engined C8 we increased power, while also improving aero, braking, and handling. 

All Cunningham C8s are finished in commemorative Cunningham livery, a homage to our world-beating history.

Every new Cunningham MkII 60th Anniversary Le Mans C8 Corvette has the following specifications:

Carbon Fiber

Our Rear Deck Lid and Frunk Panel are both Carbon Fiber with exposed carbon inner surfaces.  Our Rear Deck Lid is reinforced to support the downforce created by our wing which is mounted on the rear of the deck lid.  Our ground effects package is also done entirely in Exposed Carbon Fiber as well, which includes the front splitter, rocker side fences and rear diffuser.

  • Options A Carbon Fiber version of our Kidney Design Wheels is available in several optional finishes


Our car was styled by famed McLaren F1 designer Peter Stevens, and Brian Willis of Leap Racing engineered Peter Stevens designs for our wing, ram air scoops and shark fin camera mount. Our wing which is capable of developing up to 1,200lbs of downforce at 150mph, and our ram air scoops which help to maintain high intake air pressure the engine, while our shark fin camera mount both provides a stabilizing aero effect for the car and raises the rearview camera enough to see clearly over our large rear wing.

We also have incorporated a unique front aero undertray that provides now a completely flat floor for the C-8 helping to drive up over twice the original downforce on the front axle to better balance out our rear wing.


700+ HP, 427 cu in 7.0L LT2 V8 with airbox and high flow carbon fiber intake manifold by Lingenfelter and Corsa high flow throttle body, headers, and exhaust.


Z51 performance suspension with Magnetic Selective Ride Control upgraded to Performance Street/Track settings by Lingenfelter. Suspension is lowered 1" on the front and 3/4" on the rear.


Alcon Pro-System 380mm Frt / 390mm Rr 2-Pcs Rotors with 6 Pot / 4 Pot Calipers


  • Cunningham HRE Forged Aluminum Wheels (20 x 9/21 x 12) with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S ( 245/30ZR20 /325/25ZR21) in Classic Halibrand 5 Kidney Bean Style
  • Dual ram air intakes and aero fin camera mount. Developed with Hewlett Packard and Impac Systems using their latest additive manufacturing technology.
  • Our racing stripes are not vinyl, but are instead painted, and are a modern interpretation of our Classic racing stripes that harken back to our first use of them at Le Mans in 1951. The Blue selected for the stripes in exact to the color used on our Class Winning 1960 Cuningham Le Mans Corvettes.
  • Both our Rear Deck Lid and Frunk Panel also have Cunningham Alcantara cosmetic panels on their inner surfaces. The Rear Deck Lid has the Cunningham script and the Frunk Panel has the Cunningham Emblem.

Every new Cunningham C8 Corvette is based upon a 3LT Corvette, so includes:

  • Performance ratio rear axle
  • Electronic Limited-Slip Differential (eLSD)
  • Heavy-duty cooling system
  • Performance Traction Management
  • Body-Color & Clear Top Dual Roof Package
  • Twilight Blue seat backs with Tension Blue trim and seat belt color scheme
  • GT2 Sport bucket seats or Optional Competition bucket seats
  • Infotainment 3 Premium System with Navigation, 8″ diagonal HD color touchscreen, and HUD display

Corvette is a registered trademark of General Motors Corporation


Our Cunningham Lingenfelter LT2 motor produces 600 plus horsepower at the crankshaft, that’s over 512 dynamometer tested horsepower to the rear wheels!







Corvette is a registered trademark of General Motors Corporation

Actual production model may vary.